My name is Kajzh Hamm, and I am a licensed cosmetologist specializing in locked hair. For those hip on the International Phonetic Alphabet, my name is pronounced [Kɑ:ʒ] — but for the rest of us, it’s just easier to say it’s one syllable and rhymes with Taj (Mahal), collage, mirage, and decoupage.

I have been caring for locked hair since 2011, and I began Brambleroots hair studio as a response to global demand in my work following a viral video that gained nearly 6 million views. Since then, I have become one of the nation’s leading crochet method (instant loc) specialists with other specialty areas, such as authentic Sisterlocks®. I have expertise in starting, maintaining, and extending permanent locks, as well as wool, synthetic, and other temporary options. My professional perspective is uniquely informed by my background education in chemistry, which heavily informs the products and care regimens I recommend to clients.

My clients span every race, age group, and hair type, and I aim to welcome them into a personal, professional environment free from judgement. The vision for Brambleroots is to ultimately grow beyond the four walls of the physical studio, influencing a culture of empowerment, inspiration, and self-actualization among all who encounter my work. To further this goal, Brambleroots will host workshops to mainly benefit current and aspiring entrepreneurs of color within the beauty industry.

While I would never give advice I wouldn’t follow myself, for liability purposes, let it be known that you follow advice on this site at your own risk. What you learn here cannot supplant the advice of licensed medical professionals, so please consult a doctor if you have acute/chronic conditions such as inflammation or sores.