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What hair types can become successful locks?

All hair can be successfully locked, whether it be thin, thick, straight, wavy, curly, kinky, fine, coarse, oily, dry, or chemically processed. There are different starting and maintenance methods that work best for each unique...

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What is my hair type and what does it mean?

In Andre Walker’s hair typology, each “hair type” has two components: curl type and strand thickness. Curl type is designated with a number, and strand thickness is designated with a letter. The curl type can be any...

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Who should start my locks?

For most folks, it is not necessary to mechanically start locks. Most hair types can be freeformed (“neglected”) to create locks, simply by discontinuing the use of brushes and continuing to wash one’s hair....

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Can I start locks with layered hair?

Locks can certainly be started with layered hair. However, be aware that layered hair creates layered locks. Many people prefer the look of layered locks, but if for any reason, this is not your preference, you can cut your hair...

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