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Please Note

Brambleroots is a specialty studio for tooled locks, e.g., crocheted and interlocked locks. Palm rolling and comb coil services are not offered to new clients. All extensions are made in-house; third-party extensions and donor loc reattachments will not be utilized in any service. 


In-person Consultation, $50*

Consult in person with your stylist at Brambleroots’ studio location. Your stylist will look at hair length/texture, consult about the size of locks you want, and also discuss sectioning and preferences. You will also receive a sample service during your consultation if applicable. In-person consultations are required for all clients in the St. Louis metro area. I do not offer online consultations at this time, and I do not offer services the same day of consultation.

* Your consultation fee applies toward the cost of your service, except in instances where the consultation fee is forfeited (e.g., no-showing, late-cancelling, or late-showing to consultation).

Starter Locks

Instant Locks (no extensions), $550+

Start instant locks on any hair type without products or added hair. Service price includes a complimentary follow-up maintenance. Client must have at least 5 inches of hair for this service.

Instant Locks (with extensions), $1050+

Start instant locks on your natural hair and add handmade human hair extensions for length. Service price includes the cost of 100% human hair, as well as a complimentary follow-up maintenance. Extension attachments come with a free, 6-month reattachment warranty. Client must have 4+ inches of hair for this service, and must add at least 4 inches of extensions.

Interlocks, $700+

Start small locks with the interlocking method. Client must have 4+ inches of coily/kinky hair for this service. Locks will be larger than Sisterlocks®.

For Existing Locks

Crochet Maintenance, $120+*

Maintain the roots of each lock with a crochet hook. Maintaining the shafts of significantly neglected locks may incur repair fees if additional materials, e.g., human hair, is needed.

Root Interlock, $120+

Interlock new growth at your roots by pulling the tip of each lock through the root from different directions. Not all hair types and section sizes are eligible for this service. Includes shampoo service.

Lock Repair, $80+ hourly*

Reattach locks that have been broken, shed, or shorn. Bulk up and reinforce thinning/loose areas along the shaft of each lock. Includes shampoo service. *1.5 hour full-head minimum

Total Reconstruction, $700+

Separate and reconstruct areas of the scalp that have been matted into one singular lock.

Permanent Human Hair Extensions, $900+

Increase the length of your existing locks with added hair. Extensions are added to the ends of the locks only, and must be at least 4 inches in length. Price quotes include the cost of 100% human hair. Extension attachments come with a free, 6-month reattachment warranty. All extensions must be made and installed in-house; third-party extension installation is unavailable.

Extension Replacement, $1300+

Remove and replace extensions installed outside of Brambleroots. Extension replacements come with a free, 6-month reattachment warranty.


I do not start, establish, or extend Sisterlocks at the moment. Retightening rates are as follows:

Root Retightening (on time), $180+

Routine Sisterlocks root retightening every 4-6 weeks. Includes shampoo service.

Root Retightening (overdue), $215+

Tighten the roots of Sisterlocks that have experienced overgrowth or slippage from improper product usage, shampoo habits, or infrequently-scheduled retightenings.

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